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Sign Up Here For Mermaid Training
  • The Perfect Choice For 1-2 People In Simi Valley

    45 min
    125 US dollars
  • A Complete Party Delivered To You in Ventura County or LA!

    1 hr
    485 US dollars
  • Dress Up As A Mermaid and Learn to Pose For Photos on the Beach!

    1 hr 30 min
    975 US dollars
  • A Filming-Friendly Mermaid Training Class for Influencers & Youtubers!

    2 hr
    400 US dollars
  • Meet Online With A Mermaid Mentor About Your Mermaid Goals Or Career

    45 min
    90 US dollars
  • Learn To Pose In Water From The Team That Coached "Next Top Model!"

    4 hr
    2,750 US dollars
  • Multi-Session Courses Scheduled On Demand: 16-20 Hours Total!

    16 hr
    950 US dollars
  • Earn Your PADI Mermaid Certification!

    Starts Nov 24
    365 US dollars

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  • Get Your Mermaid Certification!

    2 hr
    450 US dollars
  • An Splashtacular Introduction to Freediving Safety in a Mermaid Fin

    1 hr
    250 US dollars
  • The Basics of Mermaid Safety For Kids Who Love to Swim!

    1 hr
    165 US dollars
  • Have a mermaid visit your party in LA or Ventura County!

    2 hr
    1,000 US dollars
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