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The monofin needed for all CapeCali brand tail skins sold on our site. In stock and ships from the USA.


One size fits most adults. The LA Mermaid School team has successfully tested this item with adult women from size 7 to size 11 shoe sizes. Standard "rack" size is a "Large" but, based on how this item is made, shorter foot length sizes in this range can wear it too. If you experience it sliding, simply wear soft sole water shoes or socks with it (socks / shoes not provided).


The Water Woman is Mahina's edgy, sleek and cool Black MerFin – It embodies the essence of the Water Woman. She is drawn to the ocean and her spirit is ignited by its depths and power. You will find her in her MerFin or on a surf board, making her own unique waves in the world. She is not afraid of diving deep and standing out. She chases her ocean dreams with grace and courage.


Mahina MerFins are regarded as the most functional, highest performing & safest Mermaid fin available. The sleek design of the MerFin provides the wearer with an authentic mermaid swimming experience. The functional Mermaid mono fin is designed for performance, speed & propulsion through the water.


NEUTRALLY BUOYANT, soft and flexible the MerFin is light as a feather and won’t weigh the swimmer down. Each fin blade has been specifically designed for the potential wearer of that particular footbed size. The blade is designed for soft & fluid motion through the water, whilst giving swift propulsion & speed. Once on, it feels as if it is a natural extension of your body.


WITH SAFETY AS THE PRIORITY – The MerFin is removed with total ease. The simplest flick of the ankle strap releases the fin from the feet, & the user is free to engage both legs when needed.


The MerFin is perfect for all underwater-exploration and makes an excellent water device for fitness. When the MerFin is functioning as part of a whole body movement, the motion is graceful, propelling the wearer swiftly through the water. It feels effortless, yet will give you a full body workout and strengthen your core.


Womens MerFins are for teens – women of ALL ages!


Mahina created a product that is safe, honours the authentic mermaid swimming experience & because it is made from natural & recycled rubber it is also sensitive to the environment.

Mahina Mermaid "Merfin" Monofin

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