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Do you need to rent a pool for a quick underwater shot while being on a small budget? Our budget-friendly pool rental services are available starting at 10 hours of total crew onsite time in Simi Valley, California.

  • Includes: 15'x34' natural bottom pool rental, pool heating to 82 degrees and pre-cleaning charges, 30'x20' solid flooring deck space, and free street parking (suitable for trailers and grip vans).

    • Pool heating takes 1 day’s notice in summer and 3 day’s notice in other seasons.

  • Does Not Include: City film permit, portable bathroom / trailer / shower rental

  • Max depth of 10’

  • Attached spa / hot tub

  • Waterfall feature (optional on / off)

  • Short sides face North / South. Lookout view side faces West.

  • Pool light (optional on / off)

  • Higher temperatures of water requests will incur additional natural gas and electricity expenses.

  • Allowed: Humans, swimmers, mermaids, lifeguards, SCUBA teams, 1-2 dogs, fabrics that do not leach or release dye, and underwater product shots.

  • Not Allowed: Fabrics / items that leach or release dye, glitter / microparticles, fiber particulates, glass / clear materials that can shatter or break in water, natural waste, slime, visual water opacity compounds, livestock, jello, bubble bath solution, or mud/dirt

Pool Rental (Simi Valley)

Excluding Sales Tax
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