The most colorful tail ever made! This spectacular neon rainbow mermaid tail is inspired but butterflies and rainbows - and would look amazing on you at a LGBTQ pool party or the next time you just want to smile and have the most fun of anyone!


This is a RENTAL item for (1) week (7 calendar days). Rental includes a Finis Foil style monofin.


It was used once, has no mold or mildew, and is in overall "like new" shape with a few minimal smudges on the back of the tail that don't really "read" on camera due to the complex graphics pattern. Please see photos for wear. The calf area "invisible" style zipper is in perfect working order. Fabric and construction is water-compatible for swimming.*


This extremely rare style of merman or mermaid tail was offered one time only in a limited run by its costume designer and has been discontinued with only a handful in existence in the world.



  • Manufacturer's Tag: Medium
  • Actual Waist Circumference: Stretches between 24-30" (60.96-76.2 cm)
  • Actual Widest Butt / Hips Section Circumference: Stretches between 37-41" (93.98-104.14 cm)
  • Actual Widest Calf Section Circumference: Stretches between 24-26" (60.96-66.04 cm)

Rainbow Fairytale Mermaid Tail (M) Rental

Tail Size

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