Be the Little Mermaid. This Princess Ariel inspired look-alike professional mermiad tail is the perfect choice for your next cosplay or princess party. This tail features parrot green, warm lime, and bronze accents with light touches of a pretty aqua blue. It is made of printed neoprene with a stunning level of detail.


This is a "for sale" item meaning that it is being offered for sale, not rental. Please see the photos for current item condition.


It was used twice, has no mold or mildew, and is in overall "very good" shape with the exception of a few repaired / very small holes on the bottom of its fin, a standard condition of wear for this brand. The calf area "invisible" style zipper is in perfect working order. Fabric and construction is water-compatible for swimming.*


This extremely rare style of merman or mermaid tail was offered one time only in a limited run by its costume designer and has been discontinued with only a handful in existence in the world. Highly prized by professional working mermaids, it's one of the most popular designs ever made.



  • Manufacturer's Tag: Extra Small
  • Actual Waist Circumference: Stretches between 20-28" (50.8-71.12 cm)
  • Actual Widest Butt / Hips Section Circumference: Stretches between 33-39" (83.82-99.06 cm)
  • Actual Widest Calf Section Circumference: Stretches between 19-22" (48.26-55.88 cm)


* No monofin included. This item is a neoprene tail skin with interior plastic fluke liner only. It fits our Finis Foil style monofins.

Shoal Green Mermaid Tail (XS)

Tail Size
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