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PADI Advanced Mermaid Certification

A Private, Tailored, Experience. Next Offered in October 2022

  • 1 hour
  • 1,350 US dollars
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Service Description

This class is the pre-requisite to the Instructor level class. You must successfully pass this class to proceed to instructor training. This class DOES NOT include the instructor course. This course content covers the PADI Discover, Basic, and Mermaid class content so, if you sign up for this class you DO NOT need to take those. This class will be next offered by our team in October 2022. The entire course is approximately 9-10 hours long based on your ability and skill level. It's a private, 1:1, course and is scheduled based on your availability. REQUIRED CLASS SESSIONS: * 3-4 Hours of Dry / Out of Water Learning * 3 Hours of Pool-Based Learning * 2-3 Hours of Open Water or Deep Water Training WHAT IS INCLUDED IN COURSE: * Cert (PIC) Card Fee** PARTICIPANTS PROVIDE: * Their Own Meals / Non-Alcoholic Beverages * Facemask * Towels, Sunscreen, Notepad, Pencil, Sunglasses, Hat * A SECURE Swimsuit * Weight Belt with 4-8 1# Weights - Freediving / Rubber Style Belt Preferred * Wetsuit Suitable for Pool Temperatures (78-82 degrees F) * Ocean Level Bifins or Long Fins (With Dive Boots if your bifins need them) * Soft Sole Fin Socks / Swim Socks (Dive Boots will not fit mermaid fins) * J-Style Freediving Snorkel * Low Volume Mask * Transportation * Overnight Lodging Accommodations (If Applicable) * Dive Jacket, Robe, or Other Warm Outer Layer * Mermaid Tail (Mertailor Guppy or Cape Cali Diveskin Preferred) SAFETY: Neoprene and/or fabric tails made by Finfolk Productions are not allowed in this class. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: * Ages 12+ * Ability to swim at least 100m continuously without any help or floatation aids without stopping, touching the bottom of the pool, or pausing. * Ability to back float at the surface for 10 minutes continuously without touching the bottom. * PADI Diver Medical Form Signed & Completed by a Physician in the Last 12 Months ** Only Issued Under Successful Completion

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Rancho Simi Community Park (By Appointment ONLY) 1765 Royal Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065, USA