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What is LA Mermaid School ? 

The Los Angeles Mermaid School, commonly called "LA Mermaid School" was the USA's first mermaid school open to the public for mermaid and merman training and education.

The school was founded by professional mermaids and developed the concept of recreational and party-based mermaid training as we know it.

All of the school's teachings are based on ongoing  input from the input of lifeguards, SCUBA instructors, and top-ranked mermaid entertainers.

Why Was The School Started?

When LA Mermaid School was founded there were no community class or training sources for mermaiding in the United States. While Weeki Wachi Springs in Florida had existed since 1946 and had trained professional performers at their location for their shows, there wasn't a source for community members or recreational mermaids to access training - something that posed a very real water safety risk.


As the stories of professional mermaids was rising and interest was gaining the professional performers from our parent company were frequently asked by party guests "how do you become a mermaid?" In an effort to promote water safety and give "mermaids for a day" a safe and welcoming environment LA Mermaid School was founded.

Why Is This Important?

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It's important to help people to achieve their dreams. The 1980s creation of the animated feature film "The Little Mermaid" instilled a wonder in people of all backgrounds with a love of the water. LA Mermaid School and its parent company, Sheroes Entertainment, are the torch bearers that lead the Unites States mermaid industry in believing that every person, regardless of gender, race, orientation, or body type should have access to personalized, attentive, training and education.


As part of our belief that we are all "one ocean," our company has lead the way in training the most number of African American and Asian American mermaids out of any mermaid training program in the country through our public classes and minority scholarship programs.

Where Can I Learn More?

We welcome credentialed members of the press to try a lesson or take part in one of our classes. If you are a member of the press, such as newspaper, TV, or radio, please contact us to schedule an appointment or interview.

Who Teaches the Classes?

Our teachers are all lifeguards and/or working professional mermaid entertainers. Meet a few of them below!

Are you a currently certified lifeguard with at least 2 years of professional mermaid industry work experience?  If so, you might be eligible to be a licensed training provider with LA Mermaid School. Contact Us with your name, email, resume, references, pro insurance policy, and copies of your certifications to learn more.

Catalina (Simi Valley)

Catalina is a working professional entertainer, professional mermaid, lifeguard, and sports coach who teaches all of our mermaid programs and water safety programs including: Mermaid School private and group classes, First Aid / CPR / AED, underwater modeling, swim lessons, mermaid and modeling workshops / clinics, and the PADI Mermaid programs (Basic Mermaid, Discover Mermaid, Advanced Mermaid, and Mermaid Instructor). She frequently appears on podcast, radio, and TV appearances about mermaid training.

Aliso Catalina Mermaid 2.jpg

Marina (Chatsworth)

Marina appears at party appearances, camps, and teaches the LA Mermaid School mermaid swim training programs.


Orielle (Irvine)

Mermaid Orielle is a certified lfiegaurd and appears at party appearances and teaches the LA Mermaid School mermaid swim training programs.

Mermaid Orielle on Beach_Cropped square.

Sonnet (N Hollywood)

Sonnet appears at party appearances and teaches the LA Mermaid School mermaid swim training programs.

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