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Helping You To Delight Your Guests


Hotel Guest Experiences

An adventure "get away" without ever leaving your resort property.

Guests are looking for more than just a place to sleep for the night. They're looking for a place to make memories, enjoy, and create stories worth sharing with their friends. That place can be your property - when you hire LA Mermaid School and one of our fin-tastic summer program options to help your guests to build positive memories that they will want to revisit again and again.

After Parties

Anyone can throw a party - you can throw a party that people become the stars of. Our tail rentals are the perfect option for Cochella after parties and all those places where a bit more "fun" can be accomplished with a bit more "fun!"

Want to liven it up more? We have spectacular pool games hostesses too. They bring the party to your party and get your guests off of their phones long enough to snap and showcase your brand.


Theme Parks

Utilize those slow hours before gates open in a fresh, new, way that targets parents with small children ages 4-8 to entice them to add your water park to their vacation plans.

LA Mermaid School supplies everything that you need: lifeguards, tails, programming, and instructors. We do as little or as much as you need to bring a turnkey experience that guests will go crazy for without burdening your existing staff.


Country Club Programs

Going to the club should be the highlight of the week.

Modern country club and private club members put their children at the center of their decision-making process. Unlike the past, club members bring their children with them when they go to the club.

LA Mermaid School helps you to place attention where your members do - at the pool, with their kids. We offer one-time and weekly session mermaid training and mermaid fitness options to integrate with your existing aquatics program. With our help dad can have more time to play golf, mom can see her friends at the cafe (or beat dad at golf!), and the kids can establish their own swimming adventure bragging rights.


Contact Us For A Free Consultation Call and To Get A Quote

Our staff is on salary, not commission. You'll love talking to them and they'll do their best to make your day easier, we promise.

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