This is a weekly rental item. Local pickup from Simi Valley, California only. Shipping not available.


Roll your actor or mermaid model around in style and safety. This mermaid cart is an absolute essential item for preventing talent from being dropped while moving on set. A slim built woman is capable of rolling a 250 pound person in full mermaid costume around on flat, level, ground, while using this tool.


  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN - Trolley easily collapses for convenient storage.
  • SKIDLESS - Non-marking casters leave no residual on floors.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLING - Ergonomic three-position handle lets users push, pull, or fold flat for best utility.
  • SECURED TRANSPORTATION - Nonskid platform surfice reduces load slippage.
  • DURABLE - Structural foam deck won't rust, dent, chip, rust, or peel.
  • FITS THROUGH DOORWAYS - Narrow profile easily navigates through doorways and hallways.
  • 250 LBS CAPACITY - 3" casters and strong frame constructed to move loads without strain.
  • MANEUVERABLE - Smooth casters and ergonamic handling effortlessly glides truck over surfaces
  • DIMENSIONS - Measures 32.5" x 20.5" x 3.6"


Safety notes - Always move talent slowly and be careful not to tip the cart when going over bumpy ground or over door steps. Be careful that actors or talent do not fall backwards.

Mermaid Rolling Cart Rental

Color: Gold