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Buy one of the rarest types of mermaid tails on the market in Lavender Purple, Sseafoam Green, Ice Blue, and Platinum Purpled Silver! Believed to have been pulled for one of the top Latina music and style legends as part of her ethereal music video options. This Mythic Mermaid Tail design shimmers like a real fish under water, reflecting light in a dazzling amount of colors from individually, hand made and sewn, scales.


Size Small

Waist: 27"

Butt / Hips: 37"

Ankles: 14"

Length From Top of Tail to Ankles: 42"

Foot Pockets in Monofin fit up to a women's size 10 shoe

Brand: Finfolk Productions

Style: Mythic (limited release, discontinued, hard to find)

Condition: Used, in fully functional shape

Entry Style: Hidden Zipper Back

Materials: Neoprene, Silicone, and Sparkling, Resin Scale Materials.

Country of Origin: Made in the USA by Women Artists

Atlantean Amethyst Mythic Mermaid Tail

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