A breautiful bright green mermaid tail with blue and gold highlights.



  • Generic Size: Small
  • Actual Waist Circumference: Stretches Between 27-34" (68.58-86.36 cm)
  • Actual Widest Butt / Hips Section Circumference: Stretches Between 35-40" (88.9-101.6 cm)
  • Actual Heel of Foot To Waist Length: 42" (106.68 cm)
  • Max. Shoe Size: Finis Brand Rapid - US Women's 8
    • Please note that shoe sizes reflect maximum size, you can always layer socks in a fin to bulk up a smaller foot size.



The "6 Hours on Set" rental price includes (6) total hours of both the silicone rental tail and a designated mermaid wardrobe coordinator accompanying it. Due to the fragility of our prosthetic level silicone mermaid and merman tails, we do NOT allow them to be rented unless accompanied by a member of our staff. The staff member delivers the tail, supervises its use on set, and helps the model or actor in and out of it to prevent damage to the costume.


If you plan on filming multiple days and want to outright purchase this item without having to have a wardrobe person from our team present on set please select "Buy It And Keep It" to display the item's purchase price.

Green with Blue and Gold Mermaid Tail

Color: Green
  • We only ship this item if it is purchased, we do not ship it as a rental. Buyer is responsible for paying shipping and handling. Please email us if you would like a shipping quote for purchase. Estimated shipping is $300 USD within the USA.